The Art of Feather Boutonnieres

I like to think that boutonniering as a skilled talent. One must have the patience and tolerance for the tedious and complex work that goes into this floral design. It takes concentration and amazing attention to detail to create these miniature works of art. 
Boutonnieres have been around for centuries. It's a French word meaning buttonhole. Men would wear boutonnieres to fend off evil spirits, odors, and bad luck. They are always worn on the left side over the heart on a man's lapel. Today's boutonnieres are purely decorative and designers are always pushing the envelope of creativity. The boutonnieres below are just a few samples of how you can incorporate different types of feathers into your man's buttonhole. 

^Black dyed rooster coque tail feather, trumpet vine leaves and variegated evergreen

^Oxalis with feathers

^Scented geranium leaves, date palm berries and spotted guinea feather 

^Duck feather with Soleirolia soleirolii

 ^Rosemary, eucalyptus pod and dyed mallard duck plumage

^Gold Medallion pods with breast wood duck feathers

^Brahma hen feathers, mimosa berries with leaf


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