Flora & Fauna

Living in Southern California has dramatically changed the way I see floral designs and the elements used to create an arrangement. Since I've been here, which has been close to 5 months I've mostly foraged my ingredients for my designs. It's truly a unique experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to play with flowers. I'm always on the look out for rugged mountain sides or hidden trails that are packed with California's subtropical botanicals. In addition to foraging plant material for design I also like to alter or manipulate them so that they are perceived as something different or unusual. I love adding different textures like fruits and berries because they pop with color and add another dimension to the overall design. 

This design is created with white garden roses sprayed with "Design Master, Just for Flowers black cherry and lilac. Those yellow berries are from a Duranta bush, California Gold Medallion are the string bean looking things, rosemary, blood oranges, blackberries and an antler acquired from a Mountain Farm in Julian California. 


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