DIY Slate Cheese Board

DIY Slate Cheese Boards

You will need the following
Piece of slate
Olive oil
Felt pads
Chalk or Chalk markers (optional)

  • Wipe clean your slate
  • Coat the slate piece with olive oil including the edges, then wash slate a second time. This process is conditioning the slate 
  • Apply another coat of olive oil and wipe excess with paper towel, do this step gently as you don't want to leave any paper towel particles on the slate
  • Take felt pads and apply them to the corners of the bottom of the slate. Use a little bit of force to secure them. Be careful not to crack your slate doing this
  • You can use either chalk of chalk marker to label your cheeses

Helpful Hint:
Refrigerate your slate prior to serving to keep your cheeses cold and fresh.
Hand wash only with water and gentle soap. Do not submerge as your felt pads my fall off. 
You can always reapply a coat of olive oil to keep your cheese board looking great! 


  1. totally impressed with your post. i love slate cheeseboards and i would try to make them my own by following this easy process, you have shared here.


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