Look what happens when you infuse autumn and winter

With just 3 days until Thanksgiving I'm sure everyone is rushing around getting last minute things to complete your Thanksgiving dinner. I know the East Coast, Philadelphia in particular is bracing for a holiday snow storm. I have to admit I'm a bit jealous. I do love a good snow storm. Theres a certain feeling that comes over me when the radar shows snow. It's definetly that same "nesting" phenomemon that a woman goes through to prepare for a new baby. I would always make sure the food situation was under control. You know 3 loaves of bread and 5 gallons of milk to get us through 3" of snow. People from New York would literally laugh in our face since they've already experienced a massive 65" so far and another one rolling in on Thanksgiving. 
So with the start of the holiday season and Thanksgiving being the kickoff I thought I'd infuse both fall and winter into my holiday table centerpiece. This over exgaggerated cornucopia is brimming with fresh rosemary, grevillia, gold medallion, succulents, moss, pinecones, mallow, berries, birch and jasmine vine. 


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