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How to make Succulent Stuffed Pumpkins

To carve or cut your gourds and pumpkins use a dermal and kitchen knife. 
This can be quite messy so be sure to a nice big workspace. Use caution as some of the gourds or pumpkins might be styrofoam. Children and pets should be kept clear of your work area. 
Once you have all your pumpkins cut (don't forget to drill drainage holes in the bottom) add stones for drainage. 

Next you will need to add top grade potting soil to the lip of the pumpkins. 
Start adding your succulents. Arrange them in a way that is pleasing to you. Add as many varieties as you like. 
Add accents like kiwi vine, branches, twig, wheat, and mosses to enhance your pumpkins. 

Make cute little price banners with Halloween straws and washi tape. 

Good luck and have fun!


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