Lemonade For The Bad Ass Only

So it seems that everytime my brother Bill and I get together we get into some mischief which usually gets us both into a lot of trouble. Well not this time thank goodness but in times past we were very close to getting kicked off our flight to California for reasons of sheer silliness, almost escorted from a hospital from which our ill mother was staying, and we were literally spooked out of a graveyard in Massachusetts for taking picture of headstones and laying on crypts by spirits who later ended up on our film,  Like I said, luckily this time we were simply foraging from the lush roadside vegetation. My brother is certainly a sport. When I told him that I wanted to clip some Sumac berries he did not hesitate. Most people cringe when they hear the word Sumac. They think of poisonous leaves that will wreak havoc on your skin if touched. Well definitely not in this case. Bill hopped over the guardrail and started clipping the bright red berry stalks from the middle of the sumac plant. He snipped enough for a full pitcher. Here is a step by step guide to making sumac lemonade. 

Sumac Berry Lemonade
1. Clip berry cluster from sumac tree using pruners. 
2. Fill a large bowl or container with cold water. 
3. Gentle remove the berries from the stalk using a rubbing motion, all the while slightly squeezing the berries. 
4. Once all the berries are submerged in the cold water let soak for 20 minutes. 
5. Using a strainer or paper towel drain all the water into a clean pitcher. You want to make sure no berries, berry-hairs or debris gets into your lemonade. 
6. Taste, if not sweet enough add sugar. 
7. Serve chilled with a sprig of mint (optional)


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