And the apricot & peony were happy

There is nothing I love more than a late spring day foraging in my garden and in the surrounding wooded areas for amazing botanicals. Unfortunately nature does not always offer the exact flower, vine or blossom you need to create your design. Luckily, I work at a wholesale florist near Philadelphia and chances are on any given day there could be up to 400 varieties of fresh cut flowers, 20 different foliages, and 25 different species of plants. This little gem below is a combination of both foraging and wholesale buying. Now, what I really like about the wholesaler I work for, always has a fresh supply of local product from fields and growers in Pa and Jersey. Like any good business though, we do need the big guys too. We get flowers from Holland, South America, Equador, Canada, California and Oregon. It's truly a blessing to be able to fuse all these resources together to create a beautiful design. 

Ranunculus, local NJ
Peonies, Canada 
Mock Orange, foraged


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