Saturday, April 26, 2014

DIY Painted Bottles & Jars

Everyone loves a good craft project once in a while. I figured I'd selected one that has the two things I love, floral design and painting. I saved bottles and jars for a couple weeks and even bought a few baby food jars to add smaller pieces to the collection.  After removing labels, washing, drying and cleaning them I selected an array of acrylic paint colors I wanted to use.  Note, It's not wise to use a paint that will react to water especially if you are using them for fresh flowers. I probably should have used a more permanent paint since I wanted to put flowers in mine. I then squeezed a good amount in each jar and moved it around so that it covered the entire area. I poured the excess paint back in their bottles.  I let stand for 48 hours. Here are the results.
Happy crafting!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sexiest Bikini Ever!

Roses are by far the most popular flowers used in the floral industry and design. I personally love using them because they add great value, are affordable, and there are so many varieties to choose from.  There are hybrids, sweethearts, garden, floribundas, and spray roses.  I'm certain there are many more I haven't mention or even have seen. This particular rose I'm featuring in my blog is called Bikini. It's a gorgeous sunshiny yellow rose with a large petal count.  It is cupped shaped and opens to a whopping 4"-5" in diameter. It has a tremendous shelf life and is an easy rose to use in bouquet work as well as centerpieces.  I've styled it with antique hydrangea, white lisianthus, cream and blush ranunculus, babe spray roses and white immature flowering dogwood branches. Keeping company is my beloved wishing pig.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Antlers & Eggs

There is nothing I love more than art, especially drawing images that inspire me or that is close to nature.  I've had this obsession with deer for a while now including their majestic antlers. The primitive feel of mounted antlers and horns paired with old botanical illustrations is the inspiration behind these hand-drawn eggs.  I love using latin names and circa dates for more of an authentic look. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pop goes the Creamer!

Interesting how a design can come together.  I recently purchased this little antique creamer from a second-hand store.  I instantly fell in love with the gold rim and the darling flower on the front.  I knew I wanted to do a pretty design in it but didn't really have a specific flower or style in mind... until today when I went to work and low and behold a whole bucket of beautiful Italian poppies had just arrived.  I snatched a bunch up and paired it with white ranunculus for a softer spring feel.  This is what the poppies let me do to them.