Hansel & Gretel Welcome Here

Yesterday was the perfect day to create these little gingerbread gems.  It was snowing and Christmas music filled the air.  We took advantage of the snowed in-time and gathered all our ingredients. We opted to use graham crackers for sheer ease. We also decided to go the easy route using pre-made icing and tube icing with those fancy tips. Although using the pre-made icing instead of making royal icing might have been a mistake since that icing doesn't harden right away and our houses kept caving in. Getting the first one under our belt was an accomplishment. The next couple seemed a bit easier since I knew what worked and what didn't with the structure. Decorating the houses were by far the most rewarding. I loved that my daughter crushed up butterfingers and used it for the roof on one. The decorative icing with the interchangeable tips were really fun and easy to use as well. I totally love the pretzel sticks on the roof of another, reminds me of a log cabin in the winter.  I would say my favorite part was doing this fun Christmas project with my kid Mo! 

If you want to view the original pictures without all these fancy shamancy filters then CLICK HERE


  1. Love these!! What a perfect snow day to be making wonderful memories!


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