Foraging Forward

There is nothing more satisfying than going out, whether its to a wooded area, your backyard, a meadow or field and foraging your own botanicals for use in a design.  You don't even necessarily have to have the design planned out in your head. It may just come to you as you discover unexpected forest dwellers or sprawling vines.  That's exactly the case with this wonderful bouquet. I spied these bright pumpkin orange colored wild raspberries.  The laurel and spirea is also foraged from a small woodland not far from my home.  The peonies are from my garden. The cool thing about this bouquet is that its natural and organic in ever sense. It's rough around the edges and has different stage of development and decomposition with both the raspberries and peonies.  Sure we can order pristine blossoms and create a blemish-free design but I think a foraged bouquet tells a story of a different kind. 


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