The Barnyard Fowl's Fancy Eggs

The creative designs and decorations you can add to hard boiled eggs have come along way. There are no rules as to what words, pictures or artwork you decide to put on an egg. It's a creative outlet and the freedom you have is exhilarating. I was super excited about doing eggs this year. For the most part I wanted to keep the eggs black and white. Every year it's all about color and vibrancy so this year keeping it monochromatic was definitely cool. There were a few different techniques I used.

Monarchy, are simple clear acrylic stickers that I applied using a hair dryer to form around the egg.

LaFamilia, my family names were handwritten with a fine point black permanent marker, free hand of course.

Metalicous, these beauts were hand painted using acrylic water based paint in gold, copper, silver and champagne.

Urban Generation, these hard boiled eggs are a bit naughty but then again so is this teen generation. I used full clear label sheets and printed from an ink jet printer.

The Framed Leporidae, sweet lil rabbit silhouettes were printed on printer paper and meticulously cut out then modge podged on the hard boiled egg. I then hand drew a frame with a regular #2 pencil around each one.

Silhouettes, the precious lil guys are on the opposite side of the Framed Lepoiade eggs. The same technique was used for their counter parts.


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