Summer Gazpacho Tingles the Taste Buds

On a perfect 90 degree day my co-worker offers my a bowl of her homemade Gazpacho soup. I had never had gazpacho nor any kind of cold soup. The moment my lips hit the saucy broth I knew I'd be hooked. It was full of body and the flavors practically popped out of the bowl. I added a spritz of fresh lime and sprinkled croutons on top. Not only was it full of amazing color but it was delicious too.
Lynnette Cook's Recipe
1 can 28oz crushed tomatoes with basil
1 cucumber, remove seeds and sliced in cubes
1 medium green pepper cleaned and cut in cubes
1 Tbsp organic apple cider vinegar, (Braggs)
1Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp dry white wine or chicken broth
3 cloves garlic, pressed

1 medium lime
Salt and pepper to taste
Seasoned croutons

Mix together all ingredients then chill. Upon serving squeeze fresh lime and add croutons on top.


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