Just add the Groom

Organic style boutonnières for perfect fall

1. Cotinus and broomcorn wrapped with red and white check ribbon.

2. White snowberry and brown glitter birch twig wrapped with copper bullion wire.

3. Purple rain grass, confetti birch twig, and myrtle wrapped with green wool.

4. Laurel and fresh lavender wrapped with brown and white gingham ribbon.

5. Myrtle and thistle accented with sphagnum moss.

6. Dried lotus pod, snowberry and broomcorn stems wrapped with a white velvet band.

7.Millet and banksia protea leaves wrapped in rawsilk ribbon

8.Sweet Huckleberry and burgundy kangaroo paws wrapped with natural bind wire.

Designed, styled and photographed by Valerie McNichols, IOBette


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