Water Slide Image Transfer

Water Slide Image Transfer
Step 1: Select image you would like to use.  Be sure to get the correct image transfer paper according to your printer ie:inkjet or toner
Step 2: Print image. Carefully cut image without leaving a lot of extra area around the actual image.
Step 3: Spray printed image with a few coats of polyurethane. Let stand until completely dry
Step 4: Soak printed, coated image in warm water in baking dish or long bowl so that image can lay flat while soaking.  Soak until design starts to separate from backing but not too long as it may lose some of the glue backing.
Step 5: Slide image from paper to ceramic, glass, or any smooth surface.  Manipulate until you get the design in the right position.  Lightly dab with a soft sponge or use a hairdryer to dry.
Step 6: Let dry 24 hours.
*Note this is not dishwasher safe


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