Specimen Jars

Anatomy Series
This creepy trio has all the makings of a Dexter episode.  Brains, eyeballs, teeth, intestines, and other organs float quietly in formaldehyde and labelled on vintage stained paper.

Woodland Series
These unique specimens are truly rare.  One houses a gnome snatched from a forest in Dublin.  The other has goblin hands that will surely keep you looking and turning the jar for a closer look.

Aquatic Series
This slimy trio has a variety of mutant and unique species such as an Albino Sea Snake, a baby shark and jelly fish tentacles.

Insect Series
These oddities are sure to spook anyone.  Vintage labels describe each one in gory detail.  Species such as giant ants, mantis, caterpillar, butterflies, and even nasty cockroaches.


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