Greasers & Socs

My ode to a movie that yes, changed my life like millions of other teenagers in the 80's.  We all secretly wanted Dally Winston.  We all felt Johnny's pain, deep down we wanted to drive around in Mustangs, and have NO parents to supervise us.  I don't know any girl that actually likes Cherry Valance.  Although we secretly envied her.  We wanted her red locks and proper diction.  She was completely annoying and we hated her because Dally was in love with her.  It took a long time for me to warm up to Diana Lane.  I remember seeing the movie Streets of Fire and again was completely annoyed that she was starring opposite of Michael Pare', who was completely dreamy.  So before I get carried away with the six degrees of separation of the movie The Outsiders I would like to finish up by saying the 80's put out some pretty awesome movies but The Outsiders would have to be most iconic. 


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