An army belt and Shiitake mushrooms

Creating bouquets are one of my favorite things to do so when I was asked to create a bouquet that would push the limits of design and concept I knew I was up for the challenge.  I love the organic-ness of green natural flora such as dianthus in combination with small milk jugs.  I wanted to tell a story.  I want the person who views these florals to look inside and study what is going on in there.  It's truly its own ecosystem.  Atop are strategically placed Shiitake mushrooms which I love since they have cool curved stems and their caps seem to just curl under.  After constructing the bouquet of bright yellow ranunculus, craspedia, roses, maiden hair fern, and dusty miller I wanted to wrap the handle in something unusual.  Burlap, twine, organic ribbon have been used over and over again.  I wanted to do something that would look natural yet kinda cool in the same sense.  A co-worker mentioned he had a bunch of old stuff he was giving away and if I wanted to look through it he would be happy to help.  I came across this vintage style army belt which I think "makes" the bouquet. 


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