Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Specimen Jars

Anatomy Series
This creepy trio has all the makings of a Dexter episode.  Brains, eyeballs, teeth, intestines, and other organs float quietly in formaldehyde and labelled on vintage stained paper.

Woodland Series
These unique specimens are truly rare.  One houses a gnome snatched from a forest in Dublin.  The other has goblin hands that will surely keep you looking and turning the jar for a closer look.

Aquatic Series
This slimy trio has a variety of mutant and unique species such as an Albino Sea Snake, a baby shark and jelly fish tentacles.

Insect Series
These oddities are sure to spook anyone.  Vintage labels describe each one in gory detail.  Species such as giant ants, mantis, caterpillar, butterflies, and even nasty cockroaches.


This wreath is the coolest ever.  It hangs on my front door and when the wind blows the black dyed gauze and feathers move all over the place.  It looks like a walking mummy.  When I made it I knew I wanted the gauze the be extra long, very exaggerated.  To me that gives it life even if it has skulls on it.   

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Greasers & Socs

My ode to a movie that yes, changed my life like millions of other teenagers in the 80's.  We all secretly wanted Dally Winston.  We all felt Johnny's pain, deep down we wanted to drive around in Mustangs, and have NO parents to supervise us.  I don't know any girl that actually likes Cherry Valance.  Although we secretly envied her.  We wanted her red locks and proper diction.  She was completely annoying and we hated her because Dally was in love with her.  It took a long time for me to warm up to Diana Lane.  I remember seeing the movie Streets of Fire and again was completely annoyed that she was starring opposite of Michael Pare', who was completely dreamy.  So before I get carried away with the six degrees of separation of the movie The Outsiders I would like to finish up by saying the 80's put out some pretty awesome movies but The Outsiders would have to be most iconic. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

An army belt and Shiitake mushrooms

Creating bouquets are one of my favorite things to do so when I was asked to create a bouquet that would push the limits of design and concept I knew I was up for the challenge.  I love the organic-ness of green natural flora such as dianthus in combination with small milk jugs.  I wanted to tell a story.  I want the person who views these florals to look inside and study what is going on in there.  It's truly its own ecosystem.  Atop are strategically placed Shiitake mushrooms which I love since they have cool curved stems and their caps seem to just curl under.  After constructing the bouquet of bright yellow ranunculus, craspedia, roses, maiden hair fern, and dusty miller I wanted to wrap the handle in something unusual.  Burlap, twine, organic ribbon have been used over and over again.  I wanted to do something that would look natural yet kinda cool in the same sense.  A co-worker mentioned he had a bunch of old stuff he was giving away and if I wanted to look through it he would be happy to help.  I came across this vintage style army belt which I think "makes" the bouquet. 

A Tile to Remember

Tile Table Numbers
Custom created table names and numbers for your special event. 

Miniature Terrarium Wearables

Terrarium Necklace
Corked top glass apothecary bottle with cool botanical specimen inside. This one has a layer of mineral and Cladonia rangiferina or Reindeer Lichen straight from the Alpine Tundra. $20.00

Botanical Prints, Botany Series

Botanical Series
This collection is features beautiful flora as well as the mysterious carnivorous plantea.   Set includes Wild Mushrooms, Ferns, Saracina, Cotton, Rose, Bee Balm and Potato
$12.00 11x5
$12.00 8x10
$10.00 5x7
$5.00 4x6

Animal Series Prints

Animal Series
This collection is beautiful for everyday or creepy for Halloween.  Stunning prints include moths, horse, fish, spider, rat, owl and roach. 
$12.00 11x5
$12.00 8x10
$10.00 5x7
$5.00 4x6

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Anatomy, Medical Series Prints

Anatomy Series
This medically creepy set is perfect for All Hallow's Eve and beyond.  
Assorted black frames, Set of 7/$64.00
$12.00 11x15 (1 shown)
$12.00 8x10 (1 shown)
$10.00 5x7 (3 shown)
$5.00 4x6 (2 shown)

Take a swig...

Perfectly chic bottles are ideal for your poison.  Labels are original artwork and created with creepy love.  Custom bottles are available.  Large bottles may or may not include cap.  Colored glass includes clear, frosted, blue and green. 
Set of 6 $35.00
Individual $7.00 each
Vampire Venom
Raven's Blood
Spider Cider
Witch's Potion
Bat Juice
Deadman's Spirits

Ghostly Miniature Terrariums

Pumpkin Patch Terrarium
These glass terrariums house a pumpkin patch complete with Jack-O-Lanterns. Hand-craftedspooky tree and witch's broom rest against the glass.  Fresh moss just needs an occasional spritz.

Ghost Terrarium
This glass terrarium is home to a trio of ghost that will sure to haunt whomever sneaks a peek. 

Cemetery Terrarium
In this glass terrarium rest the weary bones of an unfortunate soul along with two marble headstones and a crow perched on top.

Pumpkin Patch Terrarium
In this glass terrarium white pumpkins are super chic just hanging out on top of fresh moss which just needs an occasional spritz.

Pumpkin Patch Terrarium
This miniature terrarium is home to a wonderful lil Jack-O-Lantern. Perfect for a desk or small space. 
$30.00 large
$20.00 medium
$15.00 small
$10.00 miniature

Just Bite Me!

Cool designed Halloween coasters or tile art. 

Spooky Juices

Vintage bottles I purchased from a thrift store then added my own labels.  Makes a great addition to your Halloween decor.