Botanical Wearables

White Birch bracelet

Blue Thistle ring

I've always had an secret obsession with fashion. I guess it stems from my mother who had a passion for trendy clothing and accessories. She use to sell clothing out of our back room to make extra cash. I remember rows of Sasson, Jordache, and Cap Ferrett jeans lined up. My mom always encouraged me to add panache and style to even the simples outfits. She absolutely loved when I wore hats. She said "Only confident people can wear hats and pull it off."
I find myself in the down time at work to create miniature floral and botanical jewelry and although it is only a temporary accent to an outfit or night out it still makes a world of difference. Next time you head out for a night on the town grab something in your closet that will as pizazz to your character that evening.


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