Visionary Offspring

Ever since my 2nd daughter was born we knew she would be completely different from her older sister. Not only do they look like day and night but their likes and dislikes are complete opposites as well. If one says the sky is blue the other says no its not it's white with wedgewood streaks. They love to disagree and debate over the simplest things. Putting all their quirks and difference aside there is one thing they both have in common and that is the gift of vision and color. It seems they both have a natural knack for photography. The images they catch are amazing and intense. Here's a few pieces of work from both of them. You can certainly get a feel for their personalities through their photography.

^Sydney: Self portrait, imac photo booth using thermal camera
^Sydney: Portrait of herself and cousin in Rock-a-Billy style using digital camera HP Photosmart R927
^Sydney: Converse AllStar, digital camera HP Photosmart R927

^Morgan: Red Tickets,digital camera HP Photosmart R927

^Morgan:Self Portrait in imac photo booth, black and white with adjusted exposure, highlights and temperature.


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