Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Discovering the world of digital art

Being creative keeps my mind sharp. I've always tried to keep my hand in physical art like drawing, sketching, and crafting but I find myself these days more and more at my computer. I've discovered the fascinating world of digital art. How can I contribute to this world? How can I take my designs and create cool pieces of art? With hours of browsing and studying techniques on the internet I've made that leap from physical art to digital art. I'm finding with digital art it is more time consuming because its so easy to get distracted on the internet with other things that pop up. On the other hand, digital art is certainly less messy.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Botanical Wearables

White Birch bracelet

Blue Thistle ring

I've always had an secret obsession with fashion. I guess it stems from my mother who had a passion for trendy clothing and accessories. She use to sell clothing out of our back room to make extra cash. I remember rows of Sasson, Jordache, and Cap Ferrett jeans lined up. My mom always encouraged me to add panache and style to even the simples outfits. She absolutely loved when I wore hats. She said "Only confident people can wear hats and pull it off."
I find myself in the down time at work to create miniature floral and botanical jewelry and although it is only a temporary accent to an outfit or night out it still makes a world of difference. Next time you head out for a night on the town grab something in your closet that will as pizazz to your character that evening.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Secret Treasures

Yesterday I discovered a whole new world living in my dear Mother-in-law's backyard. It was alive and flourishing with bright verdure and popping blossoms. Tucked beneath these wonderful botanicals were hidden treasures. It took me back to times when I was little and use to imagine I was a tiny fairy living within the world of mimosa trees, moss, and honeysuckle. These prized possessions are tattered, weathered, nicked & dinged. Among them live tea cups, clocks, boys playing flutes, pots, chickens, and pinwheels. Having a garden is rewarding and beautiful but adding treasures nestled around these lush garden beds make it unique and welcoming to a new world.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Mother's Day is tomorrow so why not do something real special and different for Mom. Sure plants, candy, and flowers are the traditional gifts but with a little thought and effort you can make it her day extra special. Make her space at the table super pretty and it will make her day memorable. Creating a unique table setting does not have to be expensive. I actually set this up with everything I already have. I cut fresh Weigela from my garden, washed it in mild detergent to remove any bugs and placed it in a clear vase for a fresh picked look. I added a cute souffle cup of Weigela to Mom's place setting. Adding mixed matched silverware is charming and also creates a cottage type feel to the table. These are my everyday dishes but adding a linen napkin makes it a bit more formal for special occasions. Giving mom her own perfectly pink chocolate dipped strawberries complete this thoughtful gift to Mom.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Visionary Offspring

Ever since my 2nd daughter was born we knew she would be completely different from her older sister. Not only do they look like day and night but their likes and dislikes are complete opposites as well. If one says the sky is blue the other says no its not it's white with wedgewood streaks. They love to disagree and debate over the simplest things. Putting all their quirks and difference aside there is one thing they both have in common and that is the gift of vision and color. It seems they both have a natural knack for photography. The images they catch are amazing and intense. Here's a few pieces of work from both of them. You can certainly get a feel for their personalities through their photography.

^Sydney: Self portrait, imac photo booth using thermal camera
^Sydney: Portrait of herself and cousin in Rock-a-Billy style using digital camera HP Photosmart R927
^Sydney: Converse AllStar, digital camera HP Photosmart R927

^Morgan: Red Tickets,digital camera HP Photosmart R927

^Morgan:Self Portrait in imac photo booth, black and white with adjusted exposure, highlights and temperature.

How deep are your footprints?

It seems like everyone is on the bandwagon with saving the earth and making it a better place to live, sure who wouldn't want to live in a better place? I try to encourage my children and family to recycle as much as possible and to use local resources to help cut down on our carbon footprints. We usually shop at the "big" grocery market in our town and noticed some great local products they stock. I especially love the Pennsylvania apples. They are sweet and crisp especially with fruit dip. I'm sure everyone knows that the Amish are from Lancaster so to see "Little Barn" noodles was a delight. Here's another Pennsy fact for you. Entenmann's Bakery distribution center is in Horsham, PA.