Picture Perfect

Photographs are such an important thing in our life. They can in a single blink evoke an array of different emotions from happiness, sadness, joy, anger, or embarrassment. A world a feelings may go through you while viewing pictures. I've been taking snapshots as a hobby since I was 13 years old when my parents gave me a camera for my 8th grade graduation. My current photo album library consists of 20+ albums, hundreds of loose pictures, and over 10,000 on my mac alone. This doesn't include the thousands of negatives I have packed in a box in my attic. So as you can see me and 2 of my siblings are passionate about photography. I love to find different ways to display my photos where I can change them out and relay a whole different set of emotions. Here's a few examples of my personal favorites in my home.

This photo cabinet my husband built is perfect for my library of books and photo albums. I've displayed cool family pictures on colorful paper which adds another super way to display personal pics of artwork.


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