Animal Art

Artist Trading Cards (or ATCs) are miniature works of art created on 2 ½ X 3 ½ inch or 64 X 89 mm card, small enough to fit inside standard card-collector pockets, sleeves or sheets. The ATC movement developed out of the mail art movement and has its origins in Switzerland. Cards are produced in various media, including dry media (pencils, pens, markers, etc), wet media (watercolor, acrylic paints, etc), paper media (in the form of collage, papercuts, found objects, etc). The cards are usually traded or exchanged rather than sold.
These 5 cards are made from 100% recycled material...Yeah Earth! I did no sketching before-hand on the card. I just let the recycled paper shavings fall and then I slightly adjusted them to create animals. Some of the paper scraps were interesting shapes and it was if they were coming to life before my eyes as to say "make me next!"


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